Window Cleaning

Evans Window Cleaning Services offers the most thorough and effective options using both traditional by hand and the modern purified water-fed pole.
The water-fed pole system does allow us to reach higher hard to access awkward windows ensuring the highest levels of workmanship can be achieved.
We always clean all glass, frames, sills and doors at no extra cost to our customers and are committed to delivering a quality once a month year-round service at affordable prices. It is important to clean window frames as well as the glass as the frames oxidise and deteriorate over time if uncleaned and the rubber sills will eventually perish.

Conservatory Roof Cleans

Get your conservatory roof looking new again. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean conservatory. Everyday damage and discolouration is caused by air pollution, fally moss/tile debris and acid rain. This can cause damage to polycarbonate and glass roof panels. A regular clean can help reduce the build-up of moss/algae removing those unsightly green stains, optimising light and making your conservatory more enjoyable to use all year round.

Gutter Clearing & Cleaning

Ensuring you get a seamless finish. To begin we inspect your gutters with our sky camera and then with the help of our power suction Skyvac gutter clearing machine we remove all debris and unblock any down pipes.With our waterfed pole system and specialist cleaning product we wash the gutters removing any dirt and algae.

Blocked gutters can cause a whole host of problems to your property, including damp and mould growth which can lead to more serious maintenance issues. Evans has you covered.

Facia & Soffit Cleaning

Facia and soffit cleaning will maintain and improve the look of your property. With our purified waterfed pole with brushes and specialist cleaning product we can remove any dirt, mould and algae giving them a as good as new look increasing ‘kerb appeal’.


Cladding Cleaning

Using the purified waterfed pole with brushes and specialist cleaning products your cladding is transformed and restored. This method ensures the most thorough and effective cleaning and removes mould, mildew, dirt and algae.
The results are amazing and will give your property a new lease of life.